Sunday, September 29, 2013

Copyright Infringment on the Internet: Myth vs. Fact

5 Myths vs. 5 Facts: If you run a website or post to social media sites, you are probably breaching copyright- and don't even know it!

There are many rules now a days, when it comes to the internet. The creation of the internet has lead to many new dilemmas when it comes to one's own work and that of other's, just paraphrased a little.  There is more access to other people's works and there is no way to properly catch students who are plagiarizing.  Many sites that you can process papers through do not actually catch plagiarism from the sights that you have used. They look through other student's papers, which we have no access to without really digging for. In a world were we can create a cell phone, an electric car, the internet, one would think that we would be able to find something to better filter papers and other assignments to reference set criteria from the teacher. I have personally be accused of plagiarizing from one of these sites, when the professor looked into it more, it was obvious that I had no access to the paper that it said my paper was like. We even went to the extent of taking my laptop into our computer center so they could check my history and prove that I didn't access that paper. This is just one example of how I feel these sites in particular are not the best.

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