Monday, November 4, 2013

This is our Kingdom

For my Emerging Instructional Technology class, we were asked to take part in online gaming through Kingdom Rush for reasons that it can be collaborative and is gender neutral, or any gender would be comfortable playing it. I found this request of my Professor to rattle me a little. From a rather young age, I have never seen the draw to video games. Sitting in front of the computer or television screen for hours at a time, trying to kill made up characters that are not anywhere close to resembling real life, and encouraging young children who do not know any better to accept that killing, slashing, and slaying people is an okay thing to do.

Because I want to become an Educator, I chose to try this game out from the stand point of a teacher to see what the children in my currently imaginary classroom, would be experience. Much to my personal expectation, I did not progress rapidly and soon became very frustrated with the game, partly because I had no say as to whom was killed when in the game in order for me to win. I soon found myself becoming angry at my roommate and friends simply because I was not being able to pass a level.

I feel this personal experience with gaming has shed a little more light on to what a lot of kids are going through. They channel their feelings and emotions through the game, unlike me, and are losing a lot of interpersonal skills because of games like this one. I am not saying that I am completely against gaming, I personally feel that they should be monitored more and regulated by the parents as to the level of graphics their children are exposed to.

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